Wall Paper Glue Adventure

The Wallpaper Glue Adventure for Kaapstad festival in Tilburg started with a blank mind. I knew I had a big wall as my canvas and I trusted that a motive would come to me as soon as I needed one. Two days before Kaapstad weekend started I must have had a dream that brought this lady to me because I woke up with her image still in front of my eyes and so I made a simple sketch on an A4 paper.

At the first day one of my friends drove me and all my stuff to the location and another friend helped me to draw the outlines on the wall and the rest happened more or less instinctively. I had brought all the materials that I thought could be needed and so I just started filling in the lines with cutouts from posters and paper I had collected for a, till then, unknown purpose.

The figure I made took form and gathered some strange planets around her. When I look at the pictures now, after the collage is long gone, I see something universal. This planet juggling alien-lady is reflecting my view of the life bringing female energy that keeps everything in balance. Her eye(s) overseeing all that is, her lips able to tenderly caress you or to give you the sweet kiss of death. For me, she became a symbol of female strength. I trusted that something good would come to me and she appeared.

At day two my family from Germany came by and my best friend and her little daughter helped me with the finishing touch, mostly glitter and googly-eyes. This work was not a complete solo project and so I want to say thank you to everyone who helped and came by to take a look at my collage-experiment that weekend.

Also I am extremely thankful to the guys from Kaapstad. They actually made the suggestion I should make this big collage in the first place and after I finished, tried to convince the owner of the wall to keep the work on it. Unfortunately the man did find my work offensive and wanted it gone a few days later. As every artist knows, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And while for me, the nakedness of my creature felt natural, some man still find giant alien women frightening or even try to sexualise them.