Photography: Jordy Koevoets


Collage- and photomontage techniques.

You are a product of my fantasy. You are whom I need you to be. All your flaws and shortcomings are exactly what makes you perfect and loveable in my eyes. So please do not try to be something else, it‘s not in your power anyway, you only exist because I have imagined you.

In my works I show longing and desire using my own imagery. Through cut and paste techniques, parts and pieces from already existing material become whole new personas who request to be put in unexpected settings. Extracted from their comfortable environments, they start to live a secondary and far more adventurous life.

They would like you to look at them – they yearn to be understood, and the stories they share describe their deepest fantasies, sorrows and fears.

Leaves and found material from magazines.

The Leafpeople are some of my older works and were made before I attended the art academy. I still love them a lot because they show that I used collage techniques earlier to create images the way I think they should be. I see them as less reflective compared to my other works but instead playful and more intuitive.

Montages and collages from found footage material, world wide web and various glossy magazines.

During my graduation year I became fascinated by the perception of beauty in our society. In ‚Diktatur der Schönheit‘ I investigated the rules that are imposed on women from an early age. This project is both a personal opposition and an appeal against the advertising industry and capitalist beauty propaganda. In a world where images are used as manipulators I wanted to attack them with humour and playful irony, and question the current beauty ideal. I want to raise awareness of the mechanisms that are keeping us from loving ourselves, the mechanisms of mass consumption and mass identification. I want to show the absurdity of western beauty-ideologies and form new compositions from existing images. No human is ugly but images of artificial super-people are. This work is meant to be an ode to imperfection.

Please check out the foto’s and links I have on my Facebook page also: https://www.facebook.com/DiktaturderSchoenheit

Montages of found footage material from the world wide web.

There were two moments in my life which struck me as moments of realisation that my great-grandad was a Nazi. The first time, when I was 14, he had just died and me and my mom were cleaning his work space when I found a swastika pin. The second moment was only a few years ago while looking through old photo albums that once belonged to him and my great-grandmother, and I saw pictures of them partying with some friends. In one of the photos a man was doing a hand-stand, wearing an undershirt with a swastika emblem on it. And although I knew before, I found myself shocked again, which had a lot to do with the situation in the photo- Nazi’s having fun.

This picture did something to me and I started researching. Some things I came across grabbed my attention- there were uniforms on fashion posters and on catwalks, the military look is dug out every other year by designers and each time the looks have to be more extreme. Some of the clothes look like they’re coming directly from warehouses of the SS. Terms like nazi-chic and SS-aesthetics exist in the fashion world and on the internet. Also in motion pictures Nazis are trendy. Movies like Sin City, The Spirit, Dead Snow, Inglorious Bastards or Iron Sky still portray Nazis as bad guys but often as intriguing or funny so as to leave positive impressions. Again, there was the nazi-fun.

For Uropas Erbe I made some montages by mounting old and new pictures together. Pictures of fashion-wear, film characters and second world war Germany. I did this to demonstrate how the horror of what the Nazi’s did and the new nazi-chic can furnish a tainted view in peoples minds.

Collages from an article of the german ‚View‘ magazine.

I was skipping through some magazines searching for inspiration or materials for new work when I hit upon pictures of the participants of ‚Gemany’s Next Top Model‘. The first impression I got was that they looked all beautiful but also very tedious, like they lacked personality. I guess a big smile appeared on my face when I pleated them into something more strange to give them a new persona. Each of them is a unique folded little artwork.

Collages from black and white prints, paper, olive oil, colour pigment.

The Layers series are pictures of people I have a personal relationship with. I realised that a photo was not enough to show the depth of my friends‘ characters, so I searched for a way to show what those people are like to me. I seek to expose what is not visible and to literally bring this depth into the images in the form of the layers I mount on them.

Collages from black and white prints and dried plants.

A lot of my works are collages. In the Human Nature series I wanted to show human emotions like fear and loneliness which one can experience when disregarding his or her own nature or nature itself. I believe that we are part of nature. When we forget this and live a hollow life we can be miserable or even feel disconnected from the living organism which we inhabit. Human Nature portrays that feeling of forlornness.