Photography by Regis Keuren – www.regiskeuren.com

Photography by Wiebke Zander

Photography by Stichting Electron – www.electronbreda.com

Photography by Zefania Stokkermans – www.zefaniastokkermans.com

Photography by Wiebke Zander

Montages and collages from found footage material, world wide web and various glossy magazines.

During my graduation year I became fascinated by the perception of beauty in our society. In ‚Diktatur der Schönheit‘ I investigated the rules that are imposed on women from an early age. This project is both a personal opposition and an appeal against the advertising industry and capitalist beauty propaganda. In a world where images are used as manipulators I wanted to attack them with humour and playful irony, and question the current beauty ideal. I want to raise awareness of the mechanisms that are keeping us from loving ourselves, the mechanisms of mass consumption and mass identification. I want to show the absurdity of western beauty-ideologies and form new compositions from existing images. No human is ugly but images of artificial super-people are. This work is meant to be an ode to imperfection.

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‚Thanatos is the greek god of gentle death and is therefore often depicted together with his brother, Hypnos, the god of sleep. Their sister is Ker, goddess of violent death.‘

Shortly before I held this exhibition some people I knew and liked died. In these times I often thought about the eventual death of people I love and my own death too. I began searching in my works, old and new ones, and found that several of them would match the topic. ‚Thanatos spoke‘ was not only about death, it was also about making the best of your life even when you are afraid or sad, and about experiences and people that are worth living for. The exhibition was held at the Stadsgalerij Breda, a beautiful location, with its walls of crumbling colour.