Artist Statement

We live in a world full of fear, blindness and hate. There’s more appreciation for beauty ideals than there is for honesty. Nature and environment are not preserved but exploited. Advertising and propaganda accompany us wherever we are. People are becoming more fanatic because they have the feeling of losing control over their lives. On one half of the globe, humanity has luxury problems, on the other half people are dying from malnutrition. A lot of people are closing their eyes to the problems, others are seeing the problems but are paralysed by the feeling that they can do nothing to change the situation.

I can’t change the world but I can’t close my eyes either. What I can do is try to be a good person to others and myself and to ease the pain I feel about these injustices. My work is my medicine. By examining those inequities and strangenesses, I am trying to understand them, that’s how my work is created.

My images are not only images but also questions and metaphors. They are meant for those who overcome their fears and cannot keep their mouths shut when injustice is happening. For everyone who keeps asking and doubting, for those who continue to fight for empathy and creativity, for individuality and humanity and love.

Wiebke Zander